A stolen Social Security card is a major cause for concern. Identity theft is the primary problem with a stolen Social Security card.

Identity thieves can damage your credit and finances as well as commit crimes in your name if they know just your Social Security number. When you discover that your card is missing, you should immediately do the following:

1. Contact local law enforcement.

You should file a crime report immediately. In order to let other agencies know that your personal information is at risk, you need to show copies of the report.

2. Let the three major credit bureaus know.

If you are a victim of fraud or suspect that you might be one, place a fraud alert on your credit report at the three major credit bureaus – TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax. A creditor can use this alert to confirm your identity before issuing new credit to you. Signing up with one agency automatically alerts the other two.

3. Check your credit report.

Your credit report may be the first place you see signs of identity theft. Using your information, thieves can take out credit cards or loans in your name. Credit reports may reflect that. Check your credit report regularly to help catch suspicious activity quickly.

4. Completely freeze your credit.

Stop anyone from accessing your credit information by freezing your credit. You can turn off the freeze at any time by contacting each credit bureau directly.

5. Get a new Social Security card.

It can be useful to have a copy of your Social Security card to prove your identity, so replace it and keep it in a secure place.


Is your personal information on the dark web? Make sure your identity isn’t at risk!