About Us

How Credit Healing LLC. Began

O'Rell Muhammad, founder of Credit Healing, experienced firsthand the challenge of maintaining credit worthiness during unexpected setbacks. In 2013, despite a record of outstanding job performance, he unexpectedly found himself unemployed shortly before his wedding. As the primary breadwinner, he faced mounting debts, causing his credit score to plummet over 200 points.

With steadfast dedication, O'Rell thoroughly grasped the complexities of credit systems. By assiduously liaising with credit bureaus and collection agencies, he didn't just correct his credit score within three months; he worked diligently to achieve an impressive 820+ rating by his mid-twenties. This remarkable credit performance secured him a desirable federal job offer accompanied by a six-figure income.

In 2016, driven by a passion to assist others in navigating the complexities of credit, O'Rell founded Credit Healing. Our mission is to empower individuals, helping them regain control over their financial destinies. Each client's success is our utmost priority. At Credit Healing, we believe in second chances, ensuring you're not defined by past financial missteps. Trust in our expertise; let's rebuild your financial future together.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Thank you, Mr. O'Rell, for helping me from A to Z so I could purchase my first home. You are a blessing.
Monique Brown
Registered Nurse
You are just AMAZING! You have helped me so much with your credit repair services!
Kevin Aguilar
Works at NIKE
My brother your prices indicate that you care more about people than you do money! That's awesome broham! Your heart is made of Gold!
credit healing
Jerod Dokes
McDonald's Manager