Different techniques can be used by hackers to steal your passwords. Credential stuffing is one way they can use your stolen personal information. Find out how to protect yourself from credential stuffing and what it entails.

Credential Stuffing Defined

Credential stuffing is a type of security breach in which hackers attempt to gain unauthorized access by using stolen usernames and passwords. According to Microsoft’s Tech Community, hackers attempt credential stuffing on tens of millions of accounts every day.

How Does Credential Stuffing Work?

Sites with poor security protocols are more susceptible to data breaches, and not all sites are developed equally. These websites are regularly hacked by cybercriminals, who can steal user credentials as lists. As a result, they try the same username and password on multiple websites to gain unauthorized access. Credential stuffing works because people reuse the same password across multiple websites. In this way, hackers can hack websites that have strong security protocols.

How to Avoid Credential Stuffing?

Credential stuffing can be prevented by not only using strong, but also unique passwords on each website. The hacker will not be able to access any other account information if one of your passwords is stolen. Additionally, you don’t have to remember every unique password by heart since you can use a password manager that remembers them all for you.


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