Terms & conditions

Credit Healing Terms & Conditions

This agreement between Credit Healing LLC. (consultant) and you, (the client), is a legally binding agreement. Credit Healing LLC. agrees to provide consultation to clients wishing to improve their personal credit, finances, knowledge of their credit rights, credit identity theft, choices and options and more. For any efforts to be effective, you (the client) must be truthful and diligent in giving the correct information to Credit Healing LLC. Credit Healing LLC. reserves the right to cancel the agreement with any client it believes to be providing false or fraudulent information to us, its creditors or the credit bureaus.

Please note that we do not provide legal advice. We recommend that you consult your attorney and/or thoroughly read the Fair Credit Reporting Act or the Bill of Rights before you seek advice from one of our consultants. Credit Healing LLC. accepts no liability, nor responsibility for any damage or loss caused by your use or misuse of the information provided.

By federal law, you must know that YOU CAN DO THE CREDIT RESTORATION PROCESS YOURSELF. YOU ALSO HAVE 3 DAYS TO CANCEL THIS AGREEMENT, which must be done in writing and will discontinue the consulting process. You can read and review The Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Credit Repair Organizations Act at www.ftc.gov or by writing the FTC.

Please note that the agreed upon charge is for one or more of the following services: Initial Consultation and file preparation; Credit Analysis; Researching Laws and documents; Expertise and Knowledge; Reviewing Credit Reports; Data Processing; Consulting and Education; Opting Out process; Preparing documents; the Receipt of Educational Materials and our time.

Educational/informational materials and consultation will be given to you in one or more areas of: credit – why you should have good credit and how it can benefit you; credit scoring; how to read your credit reports; how to improve your credit rating; understanding the credit bureaus and credit restoration; understanding the advantages and disadvantages of using a Debt Consolidation or Credit Counseling company; stopping collection calls; validating debt – an unknown secret that Collection Agencies don’t want you to know; prioritizing debt – what will help or hurt your credit; negotiate your debt properly and for less money; understanding all of your credit rights, options and choices; how to avoid being a victim of credit identity theft and what to do if you are a victim; establishing or reestablishing credit; credit information on current books and websites; how to respond to a civil summons if you are sued and more.

Upon receiving the above services, you (the client) agree to pay Credit Healing LLC. a down payment of $350 then 5 installments, totaling $2,100.

The length of this agreement is for 6 months/rounds which is sent to the credit bureaus, collections agencies, and creditors every 30 to 45 days. We must follow all State and Federal Laws and will not deviate from them. If necessary, you can cancel our services at any time in writing.

Guarantee – Upon contractual agreement, you will be provided a 60 day, 100% money-back guarantee with our service if we are not able to get any derogatory items deleted within said timeframe. If we don’t get at least 75% of your derogatory items removed in 6 months we will add 2 additional months for FREE. Although we cannot guarantee by law a certain outcome, we know that by utilizing the Federal Law, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, we can assist you in getting items deleted/corrected with an overall positive outcome.

Negotiating debt – We will teach you how to negotiate debt properly but if you request us to negotiate with your creditors or prepare additional documents other than listed above, there will be an additional fee. The amount of this fee will be discussed with you and agreed upon in writing before the work is performed.


A. I (the undersigned) agree to forward the original copies of all correspondence from the creditors and collection agencies to Credit Healing LLC. within 48 hours of my receipt of them.

B. I understand that it is my responsibility to notify Credit Healing LLC. on a monthly basis if I do not receive any report, or notices. I understand that Credit Healing LLC. will be limited in its ability to provide the services outlined in the agreement if I do not notify them that I am not receiving reports from either, one of the three major bureaus.

C. I understand that it will be necessary for me to purchase or otherwise obtain credit reports from https://member.identityiq.com. I understand that Credit Healing LLC. will be limited in its ability to provide the services outlined in the agreement if I do not provide Credit Healing continual and monthly access to my credit report. 

D. I agree to inform Credit Healing LLC. of any change of address within five days of such change, I will provide two legal forms with my name and current address. I understand that Credit Healing LLC. will be limited in its ability to provide the services outlined in the agreement if I do not provide a current and proper street address for myself.

E. I understand that the success of the legal senses detailed herein depends heavily upon my fulfillment of these commitments.