Is your poor credit preventing you from obtaining the things you want or need in life? Are you looking to repair your credit but don’t have the finances? Do you want someone to repair your credit but also want a relationship with the person who is repairing it for you? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Task-Based Learning

We are revealing the secrets that 99.999% of credit repair companies don’t want you to know. By using our DIY Credit Healing program, you will save thousands of dollars because you don’t have to hire a credit repair company to do it for you. We also help you gain a better understanding of credit and provide you with strategies to build your FICO credit score!

Foolproof Guides

We remove the pain of you having to figure everything out on your own by providing you with easy-to-follow step by step instructions!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Although you most likely won’t need or want a refund, you will receive a 60-day, 200% money back guarantee with the purchase of your dispute packets. Yes, you read that right!

24/7 Live Chat & Quick Responses

We offer free credit repair and building coaching and respond quickly to all credit repair inquiries via our live chat and emails.

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%Credit Repair %Credit Healing
%Credit Repair %Credit Healing


Here we provide you PROOF that our credit repair loophole strategy actually works!
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* = Contains previous Credit Healing Packet

Gold Credit Healing Packet
Easy-to-Follow Written Instructions
Simple Instructional Walkthrough Videos
4 Rounds of Equifax Dispute Letters
4 Rounds of Experian Dispute Letters
4 Rounds of Trans Union Dispute Letters
Hard Inquiry Dispute Letters
Diamond Credit Healing Packet
*Complete Gold Credit Healing Packet*
Late Credit Card Payments Dispute
Dismiss Judgments Letters
Late Credit Card Letters
Repossessions Removal Letters
Student Loan Discharge Kit and Ebook
Bankruptcy Dispute Letters
Medical Dispute Letters
And more...
Ruby Credit Healing Packet
* *Complete Gold and Diamond Credit Healing Packet**
Federal Trade Commissions Letters
Cease and Desist on Collections Letters
ChexSystems Removal Letters
Request Credit Report Letters
Tax Liens Dispute Letters
Goodwill Letters
And more...

(Note: If you are using either your mobile device or computer, you will automatically be redirected to the download page and receive an email that includes your dispute packet immediately after your purchase. Be blessed!)


Average time (days) before adverse items gets deleted
No. Of People Who've Seen Improvements
Points Our Customers' Scores Have Increased

Need help finding your nearest notary public?

Your time is very important to us which is why we help you quickly find your nearest notary public. Simply enter your zip code and city into the search engine and select the notary public of your choice. It’s that easy!

Don’t have the time or patience to repair your own credit? Hire us to do it for you!


  • 'I just want to share an update with you. I mailed our first round of letters on 10/18/17 and the bureaus confirmed my receipt on 10/14/17. I recently received a notification last week via Credit Karma that all 29 derogatory items were deleted from my Equifax credit file! Many items have also been deleted from Trans Union and Experian as well. I'm very hopeful about the second round!"

    %Credit Repair %Credit Healing
    Tiffany Pratt Human Resource Manager
  • "I sent my dispute letters on September 15, 2017 and got my results. My credit score was about 640. I had 3 derogatory items and nine hard inquiries. My Equifax score is 750. It went up 139 points, my Trans Union score is 641 and Experian score is 670. I got my results and am ready to send my letters tomorrow morning. Thanks brother cause I could've spent a lot of money with some money hungry credit repair company out there. I'll keep up updated with my second round."

    %Credit Repair %Credit Healing
    Margaret Hawkins Entrepreneur
  • “My brother your prices indicate that you care more about people than you do money! That’s awesome broham! Your heart is made of Gold!”

    %Credit Repair %Credit Healing
    Jerod Stokes
  • “Great Great Product! Just simply follow instructions. It changed my life immediately. Best money I've spent and quite some time. Great investment!!!”

    %Credit Repair %Credit Healing
    Maurice Jones Owner at OMG Entertainment Inc.
  • “I used Credit Healing – after my first dispute letter I had several deletions from all three bureaus. My FICO shot nearly 100 points on Trans Union while averaging nearly 50+ points in the other two. I just started my second round. Thank you!”

    %Credit Repair %Credit Healing
    Jennifer Diaz Freelancer
  • “If you have not bought this package! Buy it! I have mostly everything off my credit report thanks to Muhammad! Follow his steps and you will be on the right track. I never had to go more than two rounds to get most things deleted.”

    %Credit Repair %Credit Healing
    Darnell Sowers International DJ
  • “Thanks for the very helpful info and the willingness to help make peoples lives better. I am not affiliated with this company by any means, I am just a PROUD customer. Every question that I have had has been responded to FAST and with a clear understanding. So if you reading this and you are like me someone that was searching the web for weeks on credit repair. Look no further! It's WELL worth it or worth letting them do it for you. Thanks my man, good peoples here!”    

    %Credit Repair %Credit Healing
    James Jamison Wedding Photographer


Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Credit Healing Program work for me?

Yes! It works for everyone who uses it. All you have to do is follow the simple instructions in your dispute packet and you will begin to see your credit scores increase.

How quickly will this dispute process work?

You will see derogatory items removed and see increases in your credit reports in 30 days. Some of our clients have received as high as a 297 credit score increase within a few months. You can get similar results by following our steps.

Which Credit Healing Packet should I purchase?

You should get the Gold Packet if you have 3 or 4 derogatory items, mainly minor collection items such as phone bills, utility bills or medical bills.

You should get the Diamond Packet if you have more than 4 derogatory items which comprises of collection accounts,  relatively large medical bills, bankruptcies, repossessions, student loans, must contact the creditor (furnisher) for any reason, are going to escalate your disputes beyond the credit bureaus to file a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission, or haven’t heard from the credit bureaus in 30 days or more (which is a violation of federal law) which will make it easier to get your derogatory items removed.

You should get the Ruby Packet if you need assistance in any of the above arenas but also have judgments, late credit card payments and must contact the bank to get them removed, need assistance on answering a lawsuit, have chexsystems on your credit report, would want to further press the credit bureaus to provide the procedure by which they claimed to have investigated your account (this will further help you get your adverse items removed) and more. This is the best packet for you because you will have all dispute letters you need for the next 10 years.

NOTE: You can upgrade your dispute packets at anytime by contacting us at credithealing@gmail.com.

How much does it cost for you to repair my credit for me?

Firstly, my service removes everything from your credit file which includes hard inquiries, bankruptcies, student loans, repossessions, collections, tax liens,  etc. for $349; however, you only have to put down a $199 deposit then make 3 monthly payments of $50 to complete your payment. Your payment only lasts for 4 months but this service lasts for 5 months (i.e. you will get one free/bonus month). To get started now, I will need the following items:

  1. Your full credit report and credit scores which can be obtained from www.privacyguard.com for only $1.
  2. Your down payment which you can make at https://www.paypal.me/credithealing/199.
  3. Your signatures on our Credit Consulting Agreement. If you don’t have access to a scanner, you can take a picture with your phone and email it to us at credithealing@gmail.com.
  4. A picture of your driver’s license and social security card (if you don’t have one, we can use your passport or utility bill).

If you want the one-time, $99 service, we will fill out your dispute letters for you for 4 months and you will only have to take them to the notary public then mail them off. You will provide us with your credit report and a picture of your driver’s license. To get started, please make your payment at https://www.paypal.me/credithealing/99.

How will I receive my dispute packet after my purchase?

You will automatically receive an email that contains your Credit Healing Packet and your dispute packet will automatically download to your computer, tablet or phone immediately after your purchase.

Where can I get my credit report?

You can get your credit report from www.annualcreditreport.com for free or www.privacyguard.com, which will provide your full credit report and credit scores, for only $1.

Do I need a PayPal account to purchase my packet?

No. Although your payment will be made through PayPal, which is a secured payment method, you can choose to purchase your dispute packet with your personal credit or debit card just as you will make any other transaction. A 60 day, 100% guarantee comes with all products.

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