Authorized User Tradelines

Quickly Improve Your Credit Scores

Authorized User Tradelines are great for establishing new credit, building business credit, purchasing a home, renting an apartment, leasing a car and more. We guarantee that our tradelines have low utilization and excellent credit histories. This grants you the greatest possible FICO® score boost in 30 days or less!

How do you buy tradelines with Credit Healing ?

Your credit is about to get a boost, and it couldn’t be easier.

Tell Us What You're Looking For

Review the inventory of available lines and submit your application. We highly recommend you possess little to no derogatory items before applying for our tradelines. 

We'll Place the Tradeline on Your Credit File

You’ll be added to the credit line and your credit report will be updated. Buy as many lines as you want.

Boost Your Credit

Strengthen your credit report using your rented credit history. Capitalize on your enhanced credit for 30, 60 or 90 days.


Inventory IDLenderCredit LimitDate Opened# of CyclesStatement dateCostSlots Left
PC001Capital One$6,000 Jul-1133/24/2023$7501
PC003Capital One$17,500 Jun-1533/24/2023$6751
AS002Barclay$5,500 May-1533/24/2023$5751
JJ003Chase$12,500 May-1733/24/2023$6001
MDE003Chase$12,000 Jan-1633/24/2023$6351
EG001Discover$11,500 Mar-9033/25/2023$1,450 1
BW003Chase$17,000 Jan-1933/25/2023$5751
DEG004Capital One$10,000 Jan-1733/25/2023$6001
EK002Chase$38,000 Nov-1533/26/2023$8751
EK003Capital One$25,000 Apr-2033/26/2023$5502
RY004Chase$14,800 Apr-1733/26/2023$6002
BA004Pen Fed$25,000 Mar-1733/26/2023$7001
JW001Navy Federal$11,000 Feb-2233/26/2023$4001
CJ006Chase$20,000 Mar-1533/27/2023$7502
SA002Discover$23,000 Mar-0233/27/2023$1,150 1
KR004US Bank$14,000 Dec-2033/28/2023$5001
EK001USAA$25,000 Aug-9533/28/2023$1,300 1
JLB004Fidelity/Elan$20,000 Mar-1033/28/2023$9501
TB001US Bank$20,000 Sep-1233/28/2023$9001
PC002US Bank$14,000 Jul-2033/28/2023$5001
RC003US Bank$5,000 Oct-1233/28/2023$7251
NH003Capital One$6,000 Mar-1233/28/2023$7251
JSC001PNC$15,600 Sep-0633/28/2023$1,000 1
VM002Pen Fed$19,000 Feb-1434/1/2023$7501
BPC004Chase$30,000 Jun-1734/1/2023$7251
DEG003Chase$5,000 Jun-1734/1/2023$5502
JX002Chase$25,000 Aug-1734/1/2023$7002
JX004Discover$20,500 Dec-0434/1/2023$1,125 2
PC004Chase$30,000 Jan-1734/1/2023$7251
JTM001Chase$16,000 Jul-1734/2/2023$6251
MP006Discover$15,000 May-1634/2/2023$6501
KR003Discover$16,300 Mar-0234/2/2023$1,125 1
EC002Chase$3,000 Jan-1534/2/2023$5752
DJ004Chase$6,700 Mar-1634/2/2023$5751
AB001Chase$22,500 Jun-2034/2/2023$5501
OM003Chase$6,800 Feb-1934/2/2023$5001
CJ007Chase$31,000 May-1434/2/2023$8751
JC018Discover$15,000 Jan-0134/3/2023$1,150 1
NB002US Bank$18,000 Aug-1934/3/2023$5751
CL001Pen Fed$4,000 Feb-1334/3/2023$7001
JK001Navy Federal$20,000 Sep-1434/3/2023$7252
DV004Chase$16,500 May-1634/3/2023$6751
DEG008Discover$14,400 Aug-1234/3/2023$8001
JX003Chase$12,000 Jul-1234/3/2023$8002
BMC009Chase$4,200 Jun-1834/3/2023$5251
JC025USAA$12,200 Jan-0534/3/2023$1,050 1
JL001Barclay$5,000 Jan-1634/3/2023$5751
DR001Capital One$20,000 Jun-2034/4/2023$5251
BW001Chase$20,500 Mar-1634/4/2023$6751
DR002Chase$6,400 May-1134/4/2023$7501
DR006Capital One$20,000 Jun-2034/4/2023$5501
DE002Navy Federal$40,000 Jul-1734/4/2023$7502
JC004Fidelity/Elan$7,500 Jul-1234/4/2023$7251
BPC005Chase$39,000 May-1334/5/2023$1,025 1
EM001Chase$22,500 Dec-1234/5/2023$9002
DR004Chase$19,000 Jul-2134/5/2023$4751
XH003Discover$8,300 Jan-1534/5/2023$6251
CL004Bank of America$5,500 Feb-0634/5/2023$9501
RC001Bank of America$26,000 Oct-1734/5/2023$7001
LE003Capital One$26,000 Jan-1534/5/2023$7501
MM005Pen Fed$15,000 Jul-2134/6/2023$4502
JC015Discover$25,000 Dec-9534/6/2023$1,300 1
DE005Pen Fed$15,000 Sep-2134/6/2023$4501
KO002Bank of America$13,000 Feb-1534/6/2023$7001
DT001Chase$21,600 Jul-1934/6/2023$6001
JC016Capital One$3,600 Aug-0734/7/2023$8501
AB004Chase$24,500 Jan-2234/7/2023$4501
CL002Discover$6,000 May-0634/7/2023$9501
DC010Chase$15,800 Mar-2034/7/2023$5001
FB003Chase$6,900 Jan-2234/7/2023$4001
DV005Discover$10,900 Mar-1934/8/2023$5251
MP005Navy Federal$10,000 Sep-2034/8/2023$4751
XH002Chase$5,000 Jan-1534/8/2023$5751
CH001Capital One$7,000 Mar-0434/8/2023$1,050 1
LP007Barclay$10,000 Jul-1834/8/2023$5752
AS001Discover$17,000 Jul-1334/8/2023$8001
DH001PNC$12,100 Oct-1434/8/2023$7001
MM007Barclay$30,000 Aug-2034/8/2023$5501
ASK001USAA$27,100 Aug-1334/8/2023$8501
MP008Discover$5,000 Apr-2134/9/2023$4501
CD002Huntington Bank$18,000 Dec-1334/9/2023$8001
DZ002Capital One$5,700 Jun-0834/10/2023$9001
DE007Pen Fed$12,500 Oct-2134/10/2023$4502
JC001Pen fed$25,000 Dec-1934/10/2023$6252
JC023USAA$34,000 Jun-9534/10/2023$1,350 1
RH006Pen Fed$39,500 Nov-1634/10/2023$9001
EG002Discover$11,800 Mar-9634/11/2023$1,200 1
CJA003Discover$4,500 Jan-1534/11/2023$5751
MG003Chase$34,000 Sep-1134/11/2023$9501
JX001Chase$16,000 Jun-0434/11/2023$1,100 1
JS003Chase$45,000 Oct-0734/11/2023$1,175 1
BPC001USAA$15,000 Feb-0434/12/2023$1,100 1
LE001Capital One$12,000 Sep-1734/12/2023$6251
AG001Chase$7,800 Feb-1834/12/2023$5501
BMC007Chase$5,000 Nov-2034/12/2023$4501
RC004Chase$19,000 Aug-1834/12/2023$6002
JJ005Chase$14,800 Mar-1534/12/2023$7252
KC001Discover$16,900 Jul-9134/13/2023$1,450 1
BW002Chase$15,000 Mar-1734/13/2023$6501
MS002Discover$10,500 Feb-2034/13/2023$5001
LP004Chase$9,500 Apr-1834/13/2023$5752
CJ004Chase$20,000 Jan-1534/13/2023$7501
JS004Chase$12,500 Apr-1434/13/2023$7001
BW004Chase$7,500 Jun-1734/14/2023$5501
MRO001Capital One$8,000 Jul-2134/14/2023$4502
RR002Chase$20,500 Apr-0934/14/2023$9501
BMC002Navy Federal$29,900 Jan-1834/14/2023$6751
NR001USAA$32,500 Jul-1734/14/2023$7251
SF001Chase$33,500 Dec-1934/14/2023$6251
MP007Pen Fed$11,000 Jul-2134/15/2023$4501
KA001Chase$14,900 Jul-2034/15/2023$5001
EC007Capital One$2,500 Jul-1434/15/2023$5751
RH011Capital One$20,000 Aug-1434/15/2023$7251
BMC001Navy Federal$27,300 Apr-0634/15/2023$1,050 1
KM007USAA$26,000 Mar-2234/15/2023$4601
BR003Chase$33,800 Feb-1134/15/2023$1,025 1
MM006Chase$11,800 May-2034/15/2023$4751
JSL002USAA$15,500 Dec-1534/16/2023$7251
RH004Discover$9,200 Nov-1634/16/2023$6351
BPC002PNC$7,500 Oct-1834/16/2023$5501
BR001Chase$6,800 Apr-1234/16/2023$7251
DE006Pen Fed$10,000 Oct-2134/16/2023$4502
CJ008Navy Federal$18,000 Jul-2134/16/2023$4752
NB003Barclay$45,000 Feb-1934/16/2023$8002
EC008Chase$3,600 Sep-2034/16/2023$4501
KM004USAA$20,000 Nov-1934/16/2023$6001
AJ001Navy Federal$18,500 Oct-1634/17/2023$6501
CR002Capital One$12,000 Jan-2134/17/2023$4451
DC003Chase$28,200 Jun-1234/17/2023$9501
BA003Pen Fed$23,000 Feb-2034/17/2023$5501
MDE002Chase$15,200 Aug-1834/17/2023$6002
VM004Chase$10,000 Jun-1834/18/2023$5751
VM006Chase$6,000 Feb-2134/18/2023$4501
MM003Chase$13,200 Feb-2134/18/2023$4451
JX009Pen Fed$10,000 May-1934/18/2023$5252
NR004Discover$5,500 May-2134/18/2023$4001
BR003Discover$17,000 Jun-0534/18/2023$1,050 1
JJ006Chase$12,700 Jul-1634/18/2023$6352
JH002Chase$22,000 Aug-1334/18/2023$8001
NH002Chase$27,900 Feb-1934/18/2023$6251
JC009Barclay$10,000 Jul-2034/19/2023$4751
RH001Barclay$2,100 Oct-1734/19/2023$5001
DZ001Chase$14,800 May-1634/19/2023$6501
EK005Barclay$30,800 Jun-2134/20/2023$5001
FB002Discover$9,000 Dec-1734/20/2023$5752
CL003Chase$15,000 Jun-1634/20/2023$6751
JM001Discover$23,000 Apr-9834/20/2023$1,250 1
DEG002Chase$14,700 Jul-1734/20/2023$6001
LP008Discover$18,000 Feb-1734/20/2023$6751
JC013Capital One$5,000 Apr-2034/20/2023$4501
MS001Chase$3,100 Nov-1934/21/2023$4501
JM002Chase$10,000 Apr-1234/21/2023$8001
DV002Barclay$10,500 Jun-1334/21/2023$7001
MM001Pen Fed$10,000 Jul-1634/21/2023$6351
JX008PNC$20,000 Aug-1734/21/2023$6751
CJ001Chase$19,800 Apr-1734/21/2023$6752
CJ002Chase$6,000 Mar-1434/21/2023$6502
JC024Chase$27,000 Jan-9934/21/2023$1,250 2
PH002Barclay$17,500 Apr-2034/21/2023$5002
MML001Bank of America$35,500 Aug-0034/22/2023$1,250 1
DC002Discover$20,000 Jun-0534/22/2023$1,075 1
JC002Chase$6,400 Dec-2034/22/2023$4701
CJ003Capital One$15,000 Jul-1534/23/2023$7252
KO001Bank of America$9,000 May-0934/23/2023$8751
SR002Discover$11,900 Oct-1834/23/2023$5751
CD002Huntington Bank$18,000 Feb-2234/23/2023$4251
PH001Chase$16,200 Apr-2034/23/2023$5002
DJ003USAA$5,000 Oct-1334/23/2023$7001
JM003Chase$35,000 Mar-1434/24/2023$8001
MM002Discover$7,500 Mar-2134/24/2023$4501
AH001Pen Fed$20,000 May-0534/24/2023$1,075 2
RY002Capital One$19,000 Jan-1334/24/2023$8001
EB001Discover$20,500 Apr-1434/25/2023$7251
DE008Discover$8,500 Sep-2134/25/2023$4501
DR007Bank of America$15,000 Sep-1634/25/2023$6751
MM004Barclay$18,000 Feb-2134/26/2023$4702
JC003PNC$19,500 May-1934/26/2023$5751
JS001Discover$15,000 Mar-1934/26/2023$5501
LE002Chase$60,000 Jul-1634/26/2023$1,100 1
RH007Navy Federal$20,100 Sep-1734/27/2023$6751
EK004Chase$62,600 Aug-1934/27/2023$9001
DG002US Bank$25,000 Jan-1834/28/2023$6501
FS003Capital One$10,000 Mar-1734/28/2023$6001
NB004Fidelity/Elan$25,000 Mar-2034/28/2023$5501

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Credit Healing do?

We connect people like you who are looking to increase their credit score by purchasing authorized user tradelines with people who want to sell their unused credit card spots.

How Much Will My Credit Score Increase?

We cannot predict how much your score can increase as many factors contribute to your credit score. However, one of the important factors is good credit history. The age of the line, limit and number of lines you buy help determine the boost you can get.

What is an Authorized User?

An authorized user is a person who is listed on a credit account that they do not own. Being an authorized user on a credit account can help a person boost their credit score or increase their available credit. With Credit Healing , people who want to establish or increase their credit for various purposes like signing a lease or purchasing a car can become an authorized user on another person’s credit account. Authorized users do not have the ability to access or spend on the credit account.

What is a Special Address?

It is the address associated with the credit line. Some lines require that you add that line to your credit report by updating that address in the personal settings of your credit monitoring service 4-10 days after the statement date.

Do I Get a Card? Where Is My Card?

No, the authorized user is never given access to a credit card nor can they spend on it. Cards are sent directly to the original cardholder’s primary billing address. Authorized users will not be able to call the credit card company to access the account as they will not have the necessary security information.

Is This Legal?

Adding an authorized user is backed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and explained in most paperwork that comes with your credit card. The process itself is an option available to all credit card holders and has often been used for children, relatives, and friends. This said, we are not lawyers so we suggest consulting an attorney for further questions.

What is a Tradeline?

A credit report tradeline is simply an industry term to describe a credit account. If you have credit accounts, you therefore have tradelines. Tradelines come in the form of credit cards, lines of credit, car loans, mortgages, and payday advances. Here at Credit Healing , we focus solely on credit card tradelines.

When will I see the credit history for the tradelines I have ordered appear on my credit file?

The lines should report to your credit file within 7-14 days after the statement date.

Who Are The Credit Card Holders?

Credit card holders who use Credit Healing are everyday people with a good credit history who want to help people looking to increase their credit scores for a limited period of time. They do this by selling their tradelines.

What does the statement date mean?

The statement date is the date the credit card company reports to the credit history to the bureaus.

What happens if I don’t see the credit history for the line(s) I ordered on my credit report after 2 weeks?

You will need to report the line that did not post to our Customer Support department. We will review your credit report to verify that the line did not post. If you have followed all the instructions and the line is not there, you will receive a comparable tradeline or a refund.


Is My Information Protected?

Absolutely! We make sure to follow all local, state and federal laws to ensure the protection of our customers.

About Our Authorized User Tradelines

1. AUs are not entitled to use the account or make changes.
2. AUs do not access the physical card or associated credit line.
3. AUs are not responsible for repaying any balances that might be owed.
4.AUs work most effectively when a credit report is free from derogatory information

In short, you’ll receive all the goods without the financial risk. Take advantage of this credit-restoring method today!