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About Us

Honesty and integrity is what we put before anything. We believe hard working people just like you who have made financial mistakes in the past should not have to be burdened by high interest rates and unwanted debt because you fell short due to unforeseen events that you did not have complete control over. We desire for you to be living a happy and prosperous life.

We understand how difficult it is to attain certain things in life because of a credit score, or how loan companies take advantage of good people with poor and fair credit, so we want to stop that from happening to you. We should have the right to be treated fairly, even if we’ve made mistakes in the past so we place value on the lives of good people who want to improve their condition.

My Story

Back in 2014 my wife and I were preparing for our wedding in August and I thought everything was well at my job because I worked very hard, never showed up late and did more than what was required of me but my supervisor stabbed me in the back and laid me off less than one month before my wedding. Although I was still able to pay for the wedding and move my wife from Delaware while unemployed, being that we decided that I was going to be the sole provider of the household, I was in a very uncomfortable position as a newlywed.

By God’s Grace I was able to make ends meet at the time but began falling behind on loan payments, medical bills, etc. that I owed which made my credit score plummet. I felt extremely bad because before I was married, I NEVER made a late payment on a single bill. I was trying to figure out a way to build my credit score back up without having to wait several years so by God’s Grace I was able to use the easy strategy I am offering to you. Through that difficult trial with my credit, I prevailed because I was able to quickly get every negative item removed from my credit report and increase far past where it was before it fell within a manner of two months. What was also wonderful about having a great credit score is I applied for a high paying job which required a credit check and after the interview, they offered to pay me $100,000 per year which was more than the offer they originally gave me – just because my credit report showed that I am a responsible and reliable person. I told myself that I want other people to feel as relieved as I felt (and feel) by giving you this easy strategy that will help you quickly get all negative items deleted from your credit report.


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