Complete Gold and Diamond Credit Healing PacketAll dispute letters in the previous packet
Federal Trade Commissions Letters3 separate letters that requests the Federal Trade Commissions impose their authority on the credit bureaus for not following federal guidelines
Debt Settlement Letters4 debt settlement offer letters that requests the creditor or collection agency remove your adverse item before you settle for any debt you owe
Cease and Desist on Collections LettersFormal complaint to the collection agencies and demand for them to refrain from contacting you at all costs
Dismiss Judgments LettersDispute letter to request the court dismiss judgment that was issued against you
Removal of Old AccountsLetter that demands the credit bureaus remove accounts that are on your credit report but are older than 7 or 10 years
Court Documents4 notice of intent to file lawsuit letters, motion to vacate lawsuit letter and 2 motion to file lawsuit letters
ChexSystems Removal LettersRequest chexsystems to remove listing from database
Request Credit Report LettersRequest free credit report from credit bureaus
Tax Liens Dispute LettersThis letter will remove your tax lien
Goodwill (Forgiveness) Letters3 letters requesting the creditor remove any late payments you have due
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