“Before working with credit healing I had a credit score of 631 to 642. I went looking for a loan from Metro Credit Union and they told me to pay my debt to Bank of America first which was about $4,300. At the time my credit report was awful with red mark all over it. I had a couple charge-off account and I was stressed out about them. I called all the credit bureaus and asked them for a credit report. I found out I had about 5 negative items and 9-12 hard inquiries from every bureaus. While on YouTube searching, I found a credit healing video. At first I was skeptic and curious, so I sent credit healing an email about the letters. Credit healing quickly replied back and I knew right then and there this was the real thing. The letters are simple and self explanatory another word there’s absolutely no confusion. Plus Credit healing is just one email or phone call away from you. I found credit healing to be sincere, honest and true to getting rid of negative items. My credit score now is 795 and 790. I will not stop until my credit score is at 820 or better. I once was like you with bad credit score and now I’m smiling every times I think about my journey. You can do the same trust me, you almost there. Just order the letter and if you have any question credit healing will guide you. Oh yeah, I paid absolutely nothing to Bank of America.”

Kenold Joseph, Physical Therapist

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