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Task-Based Learning

We reveal the secrets that 99% of credit repair companies don’t want you to know. By using our DIY Credit Healing program, you will save thousands of dollars because you don’t have to hire a credit repair company to do it for you. We also help you gain a better understanding of credit and provide you with strategies to build your FICO credit score!

Foolproof Guides

We remove the pain of you having to figure everything out on your own by providing you with easy-to-follow step by step instructions!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Although you most likely won’t need or want a refund, you will receive a 60-day, 200% money back guarantee with the purchase of your dispute packets. Yes, you read that right!

24/7 Live Chat & Quick Responses

We offer free credit repair and building coaching and respond quickly to all credit repair inquiries via our live chat and emails.

Guaranteed Results With Our Proven Strategy


Do you hate having bad credit? Is your poor credit preventing you from obtaining the things you want or need to accomplish? Are you looking to repair your credit but don’t have thousands of dollars to spend? Do you want a person who you can trust to repair your credit while also having direct access to him/her? Well, we’ve got the right solution for YOU!

Having high credit scores credit will benefit you in many ways such as: you will easily qualify to purchase your desired home, your interest rates will significantly reduce on your current vehicle or home, your insurance fees on your vehicle will reduce, you will become the more favorable and trusted candidate to employers, and you will be eligible for higher loan amounts for your new business.

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The three credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian and Trans Union) are in violation of federal law and we have discovered a legal loophole SECRET that allows you to quickly and easily get your derogatory items deleted while saving thousands of dollars. 

Along with your DIY Credit Healing Packet, we offer complimentary educational/informational materials and consultation will be given to you in one or more areas of: credit – why you should have good credit and how it can benefit you; credit scoring; how to read your credit reports; how to improve your credit rating; understanding the credit bureaus and credit restoration; stopping collection calls; prioritizing debt – what will help or hurt your credit; establishing or reestablishing credit and much, much more!

What Determines Your Credit Score

Excited Customers/Clients

“I sent my dispute letters on September 15, 2017 and got my results. My credit score was about 640. I had 3 derogatory items and nine hard inquiries. My Equifax score is 750. It went up 139 points, my Trans Union score is 641 and Experian score is 670. I got my results and am ready to send my letters tomorrow morning. Thanks brother cause I could’ve spent a lot of money with some money hungry credit repair company out there. I’ll keep up updated with my second round.”

Margaret Hawkins, Entrepreneur

“Before working with credit healing I had a credit score of 631 to 642. I went looking for a loan from Metro Credit Union and they told me to pay my debt to Bank of America first which was about $4,300. At the time my credit report was awful with red mark all over it. I had a couple charge-off account and I was stressed out about them. I called all the credit bureaus and asked them for a credit report. I found out I had about 5 Read More

Kenold Joseph, Physical Therapist

“I just want to share an update with you. I mailed our first round of letters on 10/14/17 and the bureaus confirmed my receipt on 10/18/17. I recently received a notification last week via Credit Karma that all 29 derogatory items were deleted from my Equifax credit file! Many items have also been deleted from Trans Union and Experian as well. I’m very hopeful about the second round!”

Tiffany Pratt, Educator 


* = Contains previous Credit Healing Packet

    (Note: If you are using either your mobile device or computer, you will automatically be redirected to the download page and receive an email that includes your dispute packet immediately after your purchase. Be blessed!)

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    3 Easy Steps to Remove Your Adverse Items

    Follow our simple 3 step process below and watch as your credit scores constantly increase or your money back, guaranteed!

    Step 1: Complete Your Credit Healing Letters
    The first thing you will do is fill out your dispute letters exactly as instructed in your dispute package.

    Step 2: Bring Them to Your Nearest Notary Public
    Once you print them out, you will take them to your nearest notary public to get notarized. (Note: This is only for the letters in the Gold Packet)

    Step 3: Mail Your Credit Healing Letters Off
    Once you leave the notary public, bring your notarized dispute letters to the post office and mail them off. You will wait 30-35 days to get your positive results.

    Don’t have the time or patience to repair your own credit?

    Companies You Can Utilize To Monitor Your Credit Scores As They Increase

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