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Credit Healing
We promise to be open, honest and transparent because you deserve it!
We Want For You What We Want For Ourselves

What sets us apart from 99% of the other credit repair companies is not only the method in which we dispute but also because we treat our customers as though you are our #1 priority. We are 100% transparent and tell everything to you up front due to our open door policy. We want to help you get the home you desire, business loan you want, etc. and to simply help you live a debt free life. Our ultimate goal is to help you go from being powerless to powerful in the arena of credit and finances.



Want Us to Do All the Work For You? Start Our Amazing Risk FREE Pay-After-Deletion Service!

Our service removes everything from your credit report which includes collections, late payments, hard inquiries, tax liens, evictions, bankruptcies, student loans, repossessions, etc. We offer a 60 day, 100% money back guarantee with this service.

Initial Audit/File Review Fee $149 – This fee is due AFTER obtaining your information and creating your initial letters (This is complete between 2-5 hours)

Results Fees – These fees are due upon receipt of invoice. Credit reports are reviewed for results every 35 days:

Standard Deletions/Repairs – $35 per item per bureau – Collections | Charge-offs | Repos | Medical Bills | Late Pays | Foreclosures | Any Negative item Not In the Public Records Section Of Credit Report

Judgments – $99 per item per bureau

Bankruptcies | Tax Liens – $149 per item per bureau

Technical Data – $25 per item per credit bureau – Name variation and/or address deletions

Our Guarantees & Promises

200% Setup Fee Guarantee

Nobody want to pay a setup fee if they can’t get results. As it is illegal to make any promises with regards to results we will do the next best thing.

If we do not get any derogatory items in deletions within the first 2 months (60 days) of service we will give you 100% of your money back.


Easy Conditions

We must have constant access to your updated credit reports

Your account with us must be in good standing


Results Guarantee

We cannot promise any specific results (such as the exact date certain items will be removed, etc.) as it is illegal, however we are willing to offer you a guarantee that gives you money if we don’t hit our goal

If we don’t obtain a 75% deletion rate in 5-7 months we will refund 100% of your setup fee



We promise to always return ALL of your calls & emails quickly

We promise to answer all of your questions

We promise to help you reach your goal by all means (which includes but is not limited to calling creditors/collection agencies, helping you get approved for credit cards/tradelines, etc.)

We promise to ALWAYS be 100% honest and transparent with you

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How to Dispute; Easy-to-Follow Instructions

Update/Remove Address Letters

Equifax (4 Rounds of Letters)

Experian (4 Rounds of Letters)

TransUnion LLC. (4 Rounds of Letters)

Creditor Dispute Letters

Hard Inquiry Removal Packet






*Everything in Gold Credit Healing Packet Plus...*

Credit Healing Video Modules

Bankruptcy Dispute Letters

HIPAA (Medical) Dispute letters

Late Credit Card Dispute Letters

Follow-Up Letters (If Agencies Don't Respond)

Collection Agency Dispute Letters

Goodwill (Forgiveness) Letters

Debt Validation Request Letters

Request Process of Investigation Letters






**Everything in Gold and Diamond Credit Healing Packet Plus...**

Student Loan Removal Ebook & Letters

Chexsystems Removal Letters

Court (Lawsuit) Templates

Remove 7-10 Year Old Account Letters

Debt Settlement Letters

Cease and Desist Letters

7 Day Rapid Rescore Strategy Instructions

Dismiss Judgment Letters

 Car Repossession Dispute Letters

Federal Trade Commissions Complaint Letters






***Everything in Gold, Diamond and Ruby Credit Healing Packet Plus...***

How to Add More Than 25 Years of Primary Tradelines to Your Credit Report eBook (Account Assumption Secret)

The Credit Card Shopping Cart Trick eBook

List of Reputable Primary, Authorized User and Rental History Tradeline Companies (Up to $50,000)

How to Add Up to 2 Years of Rental History to Your Equifax, Experian and TransUnion Credit Report


(Note: If you are using either your mobile device or computer, you will automatically be redirected to the download page and receive an email that includes your dispute packet immediately after your purchase. Be blessed!)

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