Where can I get my credit report for free?


IMPORTANT: Be very careful when answering their security questions to obtain your credit report.  If you get them wrong you will have to write the individual CRA for your free credit report. When you login, write down the name of the creditors and the account numbers that are associated with them. You will also click on the “inquiries” tab and write down the inquires you see.

Where can I get my credit score?

The only true credit score you can get is the FICO score.  You can get it here: http://www.myfico.com/

Since I disputed online, can I still dispute or will this still work for me?


A company disputed for me. Will this still work?

Absolutely. Make sure you dispute ALL NEGATIVE ACCOUNTS.

Will this work in my state?

Since this is a federal law, yes. It will work in all 50 states.

Since I paid the debt or collector, can I still dispute?

Yes you can. They will still delete ALL NEGATIVE ACCOUNTS.



Should I pay my old delinquent accounts?

In most cases, no. Having the delinquent account there will not change if you pay the account. If you call the creditor and negotiate a pay for removal first then it will help your FICO score, however, you can remove delinquent accounts using this system without paying a creditor.

Should I dispute an adverse account even though it’s paid and closed?

Yes.  Dispute ALL your adverse/negative accounts. All accounts in the adverse/negative column of your credit report is bringing your FICO score down.

Do you leave the “Unverified Account” in the dispute letters in the Provide Physical Verification column? Or do I leave it blank?

Leave the “Unverified Account” in the dispute letters.

I only included the original credit account and the account number. Should I also include the collection company that bought the account? Should I send another round for those as well?

Yes, you want to dispute both, even if it is the same credit line because it is reported twice.  Remember: DISPUTE ALL NEGATIVE ACCOUNTS.

Should I wait or send the letters all out at once?

You have to send the 609 dispute letters every 30 days from the time THEY RECEIVED THEM. You will send your first round all at once, which include student loans, etc.

There is also a public record debt that is now a 0.00 balance and showing on my report do I dispute this too?

Yes!  Dispute ALL NEGATIVE ACCOUNTS. They all make your credit score decrease.

Can I dispute student loans?

Yes. Use the student loan ebook/letters and listen to this lawyer speak on the subject:


“How to Get Rid of Your Unwanted Debt: A Litigation Attorney Representing Homeowners, Credit Card Holders & Others” by Carl E. Person.

Read it for free here: http://amzn.to/1TtV7Id

Sometimes they are very hard to remove but keep fighting. You will figure it out.

What if I don’t have the entire account number?

Use as much of the account number they display. The XXX’s or ….’s are fine.  They will only show you part of the account number for your protection.

I sent my first round of letters but I noticed that I accidentally left an item off. Should I submit another letter with only the negative account that I accidentally left off?

No, just include it with your next round of dispute letters.

How do I increase my score?

Becoming an authorized user on someone else’s credit cards. THEY MUST HAVE GOOD OR EXCELLENT credit to bring your score up.  Also, once you remove your negative accounts apply for a shopping card like Macy’s or another credit card.  With this card you must never carry a balance and ALWAYS PAY IN FULL AT THE END OF THE MONTH. You can also call your bank and ask for a credit line increase. Make sure to do this once every 6 months.

Equifax just requested that I do an online dispute after they received my first letter. What should I do?

Never dispute negative items online.

I received an update from Equifax. One account was deleted but 3 others were only updated. Is this when I send the second round of letters?

Yes, send round two.

So I’ve mailed everything off, now what do I do? How effective is the dispute process?

Next you will track the letters and make sure they get them. After the 3 CRA’s get them, they have 30 days to respond. Keep EXCELLENT RECORDS. From you mailing the letters with tracking to the date they get them to when you get the response. If they mess up anywhere, you got them and can sue.

The dispute process is great because if they fail to verify within 30 days, they will delete the negative accounts. If they fail to provide physical proof to you within 30 days, the negative accounts are deleted.

And if they try to stall, you send them another letter.  They might try to call your disputes frivolous. If so, use the frivolous letter response letters you bought and send them.

Go through all 4 rounds of disputing, keep excellent records and if they don’t delete the negative accounts, sue them in small claims court. I have an ebook on how to sue and win.

I’m still waiting for my license because I recently lost my wallet. I have an old license that has not expired but has my old address on it. Can I use that to begin or should I wait for the replacement license.

Wait for the new license.  Don’t give them any reason to send it back by saying it’s expired. .

Does this remove Judgments?

Emphatically yes.  Many people get Judgments removed.  You may not have an account number.  That is fine, just put as much information as you can so they can identify the Judgment.

Does this work for repos?

Absolutely.  We help our clients/customers get repossessions deleted everyday.  Make sure to dispute it.

Do I input the original creditor or collectors?

You will input BOTH. I know, it’s terrible that they leave all the negative reporting from the original creditor and then ADD negative reporting from the collector. So you need to remove both. DISPUTE ALL NEGATIVE ACCOUNTS. They will delete both.

If the account is open, can I dispute it and will I still have to pay?

You can successfully dispute it. Sometimes removing it can be a little harder, but it is definitely possible.  Even if it is off your credit report, you MAY still have to pay. The creditor or collector may still try to get you to pay.  In my opinion, (not legal advice) I would not pay a collector or creditor unless they show you an original signed contract proving the debt is yours.  IF YOU ARE SUED GET A LAWYER ASAP.

What if the account just has late payments, how do I remove them?

Use the credit bureau dispute letters and goodwill letters.

They sent a statement showing the amount I owe. Can I still dispute?

Yes.  That is NOT proof of your debt. You must get an ORIGINAL SIGNED CONTRACT as proof of debt and they have not sent one.

What about my apartment/lease debt?

You can get that debt deleted. Sometimes the collector does have those lease agreements, but not all the time. Make sure you see a contract with you signature on it before you pay AND IF YOU PAY, DO A “PAY FOR DELETION”.

If a student loan is in default or if I’m currently paying through a collection agency, can I still send the dispute letter to the credit bureau for the student loan? And will the kit that I purchased for 9.99 cover student loans?

Yes, to both questions.

If my accounts cannot be verified, can the creditors come after me, or resubmit for another collection? How can I keep these from continuously being added to my credit file?

Once a collection, creditor, bank, loan, negative account is removed, the credit bureaus keeps it off because it is unverified and illegal; therefore, if it comes back, you can SUE. Or, at the very least dispute again and if it does not come off, hire an attorney and SUE. Your rights are on your side. Be brave. You may have to sue if they are breaking the law. If you get a BRAND NEW COLLECTION on there that you never had, and never disputed, you have to dispute it. You know how to do it.

I disputed and had items removed but my score went down. Is this normal?

It happens sometimes.  If you don’t get all your negative accounts removed all at once and had your oldest credit line removed it could lower your score. If you have stuff still reporting every month as negative it will bring your score down. If you don’t have many positive accounts it can bring your score down. BUT YOU NEED TO REMOVE ALL THE NEGATIVE ACCOUNTS and then your score will heal. Sometimes if you give it a few months, your credit score will increase again.

The credit bureaus says they “verified”, “will not re-investigate” or “Meets FCRA” what do I do?

Remember you must send your next round of disputes. If you have not sent all 4 rounds of disputes, you must continue.  “Verified”,  “Will not re-investigate”, “Meets FCRA” or anything else besides sending a signed contract from the credit bureaus means they are LYING TO YOU.  THEY ARE TRYING TO SCARE YOU TO STOP SENDING THEM.  You MUST continue to dispute those items.

What about inquires?

Inquires do not affect your credit score much unless you had your credit run many times such as they do at car dealerships. The dispute letters have a footnote that reads “Please remove all Non-Account Holding Inquires over 30 days”.  Therefore, if you don’t have a line of credit or loan associated with the inquiry it will be removed.

Is it possible to remove inquiries?

Yes, but they can be harder so you may have to dispute them a few times with the inquiry letters, or as stated previously, the dispute letters have a footnote that reads “Please remove all Non-Account Holding Inquires over 30 days”.

What about inquiries and cars?

Still hung up on these inquiries, huh?  Either you ran your credit it several times or a company like a car dealership ran your credit without telling you. I would say make sure to get the inquiry removal letters and you may need to get a lawyer to fight those car/home lenders who broke the law.

Can this remove child support?

Sometimes it can. This can also be tough but make sure to go through all four rounds.

I recently purchased your credit repair system and I wanted to know if I should include my student loans in my first letter to the 3 bureaus or do i send them to the department of education?

Dispute with the dispute letters. And also send letters to the department of education found in the Student Loan Discharge Kit (Student Loan Pro). Also, check out this lawyer.


I received a request from collectors or credit bureaus for “more information”.

IGNORE IT.  Wait to receive the official dispute summary in the mail.

I got a request to remove myself from promotional offers. Do I need to fill that out?

No, you can ignore it.  Just wait to receive the official dispute summary via mail.

Is it normal for a creditor to send your past due account to a collection agency right after you send your first round of letters?

No, but if you have been past due for a while, they may have just done so.

It’s been 30 days and one of the credit bureaus didn’t respond. What should I do?


I have gone through all 4 rounds of disputes. What should I do now?

You have kept all your certified mail receipts and have given the credit bureaus written notice of pending litigation.  Here are your options:

  1. Start over from Round 1 and dispute again.
  2. Hire a lawyer to sue the credit bureaus.  Google in your area here is an example http://brennanlaw.com/
  3. Contact me or another company to dispute for you.
How long should I wait for answers before I start sending second, third and fourth letters?

Send them every 30 days from the time the CRA’s receive them. When you send your letters off via certified mail, your receipt will let you know when they will receive it.

I’m getting my letters ready and have a question. Can I dispute accounts that says “closed” payment “unknown”?

Yes.  Dispute ALL negative accounts.

It has now been almost 4 weeks and I have not received any responses from the credit reporting agencies. What should I be expecting at this time? When do I send the next round of letters? Are they supposed to send me an updated report and when do they update the reports and FICO scores?

If it’s been 30 days, send your next round of letters. They are SUPPOSED to send you an updated report but they get thousands of disputes every day. Your FICO scores updates round 30 days.

My car was repo’ed last year but I got it back within a week and I still pay on it.. Do you have a letter to dispute this on my credit report?

Yes. Use goodwill letters for late payments and dispute the collection account if the account is back with the original lender.

Do these letters have to be notarized?

Yes. The ebook with explain how and why they should be notarized.  Make sure to wait to sign your name in front of the notary of the public. They are confirming you are who you say you are and that you are signing the letters.

My adverse/negative accounts say “verified” or “meets FCRA” what does that mean? What do I do?

Keep Disputing. These statements are designed to scare, confuse, and intimidate you. Did you receive an original contract with your signature on it? Of course not, so how is this “verified” or “meeting FCRA”?  It does it.  Keep disputing.

The credit bureaus says they will not re-investigate unless I send supporting documents. What do I do?

Again, keep disputing. These statements are designed to scare, confuse, and intimidate you. Don’t be fooled, you will get rid of the negative accounts, but you must keep going.

Equifax sent me a letter, along with a copy of my credit report (inquiry) as they call it.15 days after I sent first letter. Along with a dispute form, they said I should go to their web site and dispute it online for faster service. Should I ignore this and send letter number 2 ?

Yes, don’t do ANY disputes online. Send them your second letter.

Will this work for a Bankruptcy?

It may. You will need to dispute the old, discharged accounts under the bankruptcy first. It may take all 4 rounds of letter writing, however, once you have removed the old, discharged accounts, you can then dispute the bankruptcy.  It may take all 4 rounds of letter writing to remove the bankruptcy so in total it would be 8 rounds of letter writing to all 3 credit reporting agencies.

If it is verified after all 8 rounds you may need the help of a credit repair company and/or attorney. Go to:




What if they verify an account after all 4 letters?

In the unlikely event that occurs, you can send a dispute letter to the actual creditor and demand to see the original instrument of indebtedness in its original form to see if they do indeed have it.

If they don’t remove it and don’t have proof, you can sue. CRAs and the creditors who supply information to them must provide and keep your credit information current. When your credit circumstances have changed and the information in your credit report is not updated to reflect these changes, this is a violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  Each violation can be a $1,000 fine, so it’s money in your pocket. In addition, you are going to help make someone else’s life better by suing someone who has broken the law. If everyone took action when their rights were violated, the credit bureaus would lose a fortune in legal disputes. It’s time to protect your rights as a consumer as well as protecting the rights of your fellow United States citizens.


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