Which Credit Healing Packet should I purchase?


You should get the Gold Packet if you have 3 or 4 derogatory items, mainly minor collection items such as phone bills, utility bills or medical bills.

You should get the Diamond Packet if you have more than 4 derogatory items which comprises of collection accounts,  relatively large medical bills, bankruptcies, repossessions, student loans, must contact the creditor (furnisher) for any reason, are going to escalate your disputes beyond the credit bureaus to file a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission, or haven’t heard from the credit bureaus in 30 days or more (which is a violation of federal law) which will make it easier to get your derogatory items removed.

You should get the Ruby Packet if you need assistance in any of the above arenas but also have judgments, late credit card payments and must contact the bank to get them removed, need assistance on answering a lawsuit, have chexsystems on your credit report, would want to further press the credit bureaus to provide the procedure by which they claimed to have investigated your account (this will further help you get your adverse items removed) and more. This is the best packet for you because you will have all dispute letters you need for the next 10 years.

NOTE: You can upgrade your dispute packets at anytime by contacting us at credithealing@gmail.com.

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