What if they verify an account after all 4 letters?


In the unlikely event that occurs, you can send a dispute letter to the actual creditor and demand to see the original instrument of indebtedness in its original form to see if they do indeed have it.

If they don’t remove it and don’t have proof, you can sue. CRAs and the creditors who supply information to them must provide and keep your credit information current. When your credit circumstances have changed and the information in your credit report is not updated to reflect these changes, this is a violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  Each violation can be a $1,000 fine, so it’s money in your pocket. In addition, you are going to help make someone else’s life better by suing someone who has broken the law. If everyone took action when their rights were violated, the credit bureaus would lose a fortune in legal disputes. It’s time to protect your rights as a consumer as well as protecting the rights of your fellow United States citizens.


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