So I’ve mailed everything off, now what do I do? How effective is the dispute process?


Next you will track the letters and make sure they get them. After the 3 CRA’s get them, they have 30 days to respond. Keep EXCELLENT RECORDS. From you mailing the letters with tracking to the date they get them to when you get the response. If they mess up anywhere, you got them and can sue.

The dispute process is great because if they fail to verify within 30 days, they will delete the negative accounts. If they fail to provide physical proof to you within 30 days, the negative accounts are deleted.

And if they try to stall, you send them another letter.  They might try to call your disputes frivolous. If so, use the frivolous letter response letters you bought and send them.

Go through all 4 rounds of disputing, keep excellent records and if they don’t delete the negative accounts, sue them in small claims court. I have an ebook on how to sue and win.

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