Dispute LettersDescription
Complete Gold Credit Healing PacketContains all Gold Packet dispute letters
Hard Inquiry Removal ToolSection 605, 609 and 623 hard inquiry removal letters (are more effective than letters in Gold Packet)
Collections Dispute Letters3 dispute letters to send to the collection agencies directly that recommends they validate or remove your accounts
Late Credit Card Dispute Letters
2 dispute letters for credit card late payments
Repossessions Removal Letters2 dispute letters for repossession removal
Student Loan Discharge Kit and Ebook101 Ways to removal your student loans eBook and guide for sending letters to the bank for removal
Bankruptcy Dispute Letters
1 Step by step guide on how to remove your bankruptcy when dealing with the courts and 2 bankruptcy accounts dispute letters
Medical Dispute Letters HIPAA dispute letters requesting doctors show proof of your consent regarding releasing your personal information to the credit bureaus in which they do not have
Follow-Up LettersIn case the credit bureaus do not respond in 30 or 60 days (which happens at times), you will send them these letters
Investigation Description LettersLetters requesting credit bureaus show their process of investigation

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