• “Thanks for the very helpful info and the willingness to help make peoples lives better. I am not affiliated with this company by any means, I am just a PROUD customer. Every question that I have had has been responded to FAST and with a clear understanding. So if you reading this and you are like me someone that was searching the web for weeks on credit repair. Look no further! It's WELL worth it or worth letting them do it for you. Thanks my man, good peoples here!”    

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    James Jamison Wedding Photographer
  • “It works, I've been doing this since November and I went from a 546 to a 740!” (April 2017)

    %Credit Repair %Credit Healing
    Devin Hartman Software Engineer
  • “If you have not bought this package! Buy it! I have mostly everything off my credit report thanks to Muhammad! Follow his steps and you will be on the right track. I never had to go more than two rounds to get most things deleted.”

    %Credit Repair %Credit Healing
    Darnell Sowers International DJ
  • “I used Credit Healing – after my first dispute letter I had several deletions from all three bureaus. My FICO shot nearly 100 points on Trans Union while averaging nearly 50+ points in the other two. I just started my second round. Thank you!”

    %Credit Repair %Credit Healing
    Jennifer Diaz Freelancer
  • “Great Great Product! Just simply follow instructions. It changed my life immediately. Best money I've spent and quite some time. Great investment!!!”

    %Credit Repair %Credit Healing
    Maurice Jones Owner at OMG Entertainment Inc.
  • “I just got the documents forwarded to my email. They look BRILLIANT and I can’t wait to try them tonight. Anybody who is hesitant on actually pulling the trigger and wondering if this is going to be worth your money. I can ASSURE you that it’s worth EVERY SINGLE PENNEY that you spend. This could actually be sold and I would venture to say has MOST DEFF been sold for 5 to 6 times the amount he’s asking for the material and knowledge that he gives you. Also the simplicity along with the step by step instructions is 2nd to none. I thank you for ALL your help. God Bless!”

  • “On the first try I was able to remove 3 items. To date I have removed 10 items in less than 3 months. I have 9 more items removed. I will follow up with an update.”

  • “I bought your Inquiry Deletion Package yesterday. The content was better than what I was given by a law firm!”

  • “This is a great video, step by step. Which is great, because I dislike when steps are left out, then I’m lost… Very simple, easy to understand.”

  • “Very informative videos and excellent customer service. I contacted him and he immediately responded.”

    Dana Martinez
  • “My brother your prices indicate that you care more about people than you do money! That’s awesome broham! Your heart is made of Gold!”

    %Credit Repair %Credit Healing
    Jerod Stokes
  • “GREAT JOB!!! Thanks for helping people out there and free of charge.”

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    khabir 5linx
  • "I sent my dispute letters on September 15, 2017 and got my results. My credit score was about 640. I had 3 derogatory items and nine hard inquiries. My Equifax score is 750. It went up 139 points, my Trans Union score is 641 and Experian score is 670. I got my results and am ready to send my letters tomorrow morning. Thanks brother cause I could've spent a lot of money with some money hungry credit repair company out there. I'll keep up updated with my second round."

    %Credit Repair %Credit Healing
    Margaret Hawkins Entrepreneur
  • 'I just want to share an update with you. I mailed our first round of letters on 10/18/17 and the bureaus confirmed my receipt on 10/14/17. I recently received a notification last week via Credit Karma that all 29 derogatory items were deleted from my Equifax credit file! Many items have also been deleted from Trans Union and Experian as well. I'm very hopeful about the second round!"

    %Credit Repair %Credit Healing
    Tiffany Pratt Human Resource Manager
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