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Why Credit Healing LLC. Was Created

I’m going to start by telling you why I started Credit Healing LLC. Back in 2013 my wife and I were preparing for our wedding in August and I was working on a job where my performance was very high. I thought everything was going extremely well at my job because I worked very hard, never showed up late and went over and beyond the call of duty to make my tasks satisfactory, however, for a reason that I still have yet to understand, my supervisor, who I thought I had a good relationship with, stabbed me the back which caused me to be fired 3 weeks before my wedding. I was unemployed during the time of my wedding.
As the sole provider of the household, I was able to make ends meet at the time (by God’s grace) but began falling behind on loan payments, medical bills, credit cards, etc. that I owed which made my credit score drastically plummet.

I felt extremely terrible and stressed because before I was married, I was very responsible and never made a late payment on a single bill. I was trying to figure out a way to build my credit score back up without having to wait 7-10 years.
At the time I knew that I needed to do something FAST because my credit scores dropped over 200 points and I was in between jobs. I began writing/calling the credit bureaus and creditors/collections agencies to get my derogatory items removed and I figured out that if I tell them exactly what they need to hear, I would be able to quickly get my adverse items deleted. The letters I wrote caused me to prevailed by getting the credit bureaus to remove ALL derogatory items within 3 months which caused my scores to increase far past where they were before falling.

What was also wonderful about having a excellent credit score is that I applied for a high paying federal job which required a credit check and after the interview, they offered to pay me $100,000 per year which was more than the offer they originally gave me – simply because my excellent credit. I no longer work for the company because I find more value in helping people just like you rise up from where you currently are and reap the great benefits of having good credit as I was able to do for myself. I make it my #1 duty to help every Credit Healing customer/client reach your personal goals quickly because I believe no one should have to go through hardships simply because a few mistakes or misfortunes in life. Credit Healing LLC. was created with the idea of solely helping people who are being taken advantage of by companies simply because of their poor credit. It’s our pleasure to serve you!​